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About Us

Hey y’all! We are Don and Alicia. We decided to quit the rat race and sell everything, move into an RV and work from the road. We started our journey in December of 2018 and have had such an amazing time touring the country with our adorable pups, Pebbles and BamBam.


Early on in our journey, we really struggled with planning our stays and making sure we were getting the most bang for our buck with our camping memberships. While scheduling our stays (many of which must be booked far in advance) we’d have multiple tabs open on our computer and it was like untangling knots to get everything organized. We found ourselves wishing there was a simple RV Travel Planning software that could help us. Most of the ones available at the time, had subscriptions or other fees and were so noisy we felt like we were drowning in “features” we’d never use.

Since Don is a Software Engineer and Alicia is a Graphic Designer, we decided we’d answer the call! So we made the Ultranomadic RV Travel Planner Web App.


We truly hope you enjoy following our travel adventures and using our planning software. We’ve got lots of other useful tech ideas to create and release in the future, so stay tuned for more awesome products from us.


Happy Trails!

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