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We believe in having exactly what you need without a bunch of noise.  We used some of the other RV trip planning software available and we felt there needed to be another option, so we created the Ultranomadic RV Travel Planner.  We wanted it to cater to the full timer that has multiple camping club memberships and needed tools to help with the challenges we face but also wanted it to be helpful for the weekend warrior as well. With that in mind, we focused on building the most awesome features listed below first and we have many more on the way. 


Invite someone to help you plan your trip.  By giving access to a companion, you can plan your trip in double time! *

Multi-Device Platform

Access your plan from all your devices!  Your travel planner is synced in real time and can be used on the go from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Calendar Sync

Add your Planner to your Google, Apple, or any other calendar feed in a few simple steps.  View your travel plans right alongside everything else going on in your life.

Booking Reminders

Manage advance reservation limits like a boss and get the best sites during peak season.

Powerful Filters

More club filters than any other planning app. Handle multiple memberships by viewing all your club affiliated parks in one place. Sign up for Pro for the ability to filter by Amenities!

Driving Directions

Be Safe!  Always know your max height and avoid low clearance roads using our step by step driving directions. *

* Pro Account feature


Get started exploring campgrounds or go ahead and create your travel plan now!  What are your waiting for? It's FREE! 

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This operation is just the two of us....the pups are kinda freeloaders.  It takes an enormous amount of work and operating costs to keep this software going but we feel strongly about keeping it as accessible as possible.  Instead of charging for our essential software, we decided to support this labor of love by asking for your support. There are several ways you can do that. Please consider signing up for a pro subscription (in the planner), clicking the ads on our sites to purchase items/memberships, or if you're super proud of us, buy some swag to sport around the campground.  Also, don't forget to share our products with your friends! Once we get to a place where this endeavor is paying for itself, a portion of the profits will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute.  This charity is close to our hearts.  We sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity. 

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